NEW: Forged CF Blocks and Resin Infusion Kits

We are constantly thinking about the types of projects on which our customers might be working and also about what sort of products they might need to achieve their finished handiwork. So we have just added to our store two products you might find useful in your projects!

Forged Carbon Fiber Blocks

These forged blocks are made with very small chopped carbon fibers and resin and then put at immense pressure as the resin sets. The result is a very strong block of material with isotropic properties.

We offer a variety of thicknesses, and these blocks are fully machinable. They can also be hand shaped using abrasive Dremel tools and sandpaper. Rock West offers machining services for customers who need assistance.

Key Points:

  • The blocks have isotropic strength
  • They are fully machinable and can be shaped
  • Thicknesses range from 0.05″ to 3″
Thick forged block in hand (left) and forged block surface detail (right)
Small knive with custom forged carbon handle

DIY Resin Infusion Kits

We have put together five different sized kits for infusing your own carbon fiber parts. All kits include tubing, COMPOFLEX flow media, vacuum bag material, sealant, and resin infusion hubs. Carbon fiber fabric comes with the three larger kits. Resin and hardener is included in the two largest kits.

These kits are great for the DIY enthusiast who is carbon fiber curious or a seasoned carbon fiber hobbyist who already has some necessary supplies on hand. This can also be a great buy for educational institutions. 

Key Points:

  • There are five levels of kits to fit your project needs
  • You can save money with the kit, which is less than the price of buying all the individual components
Resin Infusion Premium Kit
Resin Infusion sample setup in work space

Our forged carbon fiber blocks are currently in stock, and our resin infusion kits are put together when you order. Order today and dive into a new project this summer! We’d love to see what you create, so send our customer service team an email with a picture and description of your project at Have a great creative summer!