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Frequently Asked Questions

We get questions on the order process, our off-the shelf products, our product’s technical attributes, and the custom quoting process. Please find the most common questions and answers below. 

The Order Process

Below are common questions we receive about the order process. If you have questions on composites, whether technical or general, check out the below sections.





Composite Products

Below find answers to frequently asked questions on our composite products. These are focused on the most common questions our team is asked regarding composites, recommendations, and instructions. Continue to the section below this for information on Technical Specifications.

UV Resistance

Forming Tubes

Cutting Carbon Fiber

Fabric Uses (Clothing, Masks)

Carbon Fiber Stiffness

Tube Finishes: Sanded Vs. Unsanded

Filament Count (3k, 12k, etc.)

Woven Fabrics

Technical Specifications

Below is a repository of technical specifications, tolerances, and guides for all of our products and materials. You can find more specific technical information on the individual product page.

Tube Tolerances

INFINITube Telescoping Systems

Carbon Fiber Specifications

Custom Quote Process

We receive questions about custom work quite often on our website. Perhaps you have an idea for a new product, but you’re not sure how or if it can be manufactured using carbon fiber, you have no idea what it will cost to do so, and you wonder how the cost may change going from prototype into mass production. Well, here are some answers for you!

CAD Models

Manufacturing Methods

Determining Cost Estimate

Custom Quote Process

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© Rock West Composites, Inc. All Rights Reserved.