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Educational Discount Program

Education programs are often a cornerstone for building the next generation of engineers and scientists who will develop the innovations of the future. These programs help students gain a better understanding of the challenges our team faces every day, including budgeting, communication, project management, and research skills. Rock West Composites wants to show its support and love for technology by assisting students in STEM education. We are happy to offer 15% discounts on all our stock products for students and teams in STEM education programs, along with participants in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and Collegiate Design Series (CDS).

Collegiate SAE programs include:

  • Formula SAE
  • Formula Hybrid
  • Formula SAE Electric
  • Baja SAE
  • SAE Aero Design and more

If you are interested in our discounts, send an email to with information on your project and how it fits with our program. If eligible, we will send you a discount code for your purchase. If you ever need assistance, call Customer Service at 801-566-3402.

Once you’ve started on your project, we’d love to get updates on it! Feel free to send us pictures and share your success with our visitors. Below is an example of what we have received from one of our teams’ projects.

FSAE Racecar in white garage
FSAE Racecar detail pic of car fiber tubing

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© Rock West Composites, Inc. All Rights Reserved.