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Our company specializes in providing custom-made composites that fit your project’s needs. With our expansive facilities, wide variety of composite manufacturing processes, and years of experience, we have the capacity to support your program at any point of its life cycle. Rock West’s primary goal is to provide our customers the most effective, efficient, and highest quality services and products.


Rock West Composites develops new and innovative products that solve difficult problems and perform in extreme conditions. We work in most industries, offer comprehensive services, have in depth materials knowledge, and create innovative designs. We’ll aid in the development of your project at any point of its life cycle, assisting in engineering and design, tooling, prototyping, and general management.


We can produce the right tool for your needs ranging from prototype one-off tools to full production tooling. Our years of experience help us create the most effective tools using the right materials such as glass, carbon, aluminum, and steel.


Whether it’s open or closed mold, resin infused or wrapped around a mandrel, we offer almost all manufacturing methods so we can find the optimal process for your project. Our multiple locations have centers of excellence for the different process to maximize expertise in each area.


We find the most effective cure process for your hardware based on engineering requirements, schedule, and budget. From room temperature cure to autoclave, we’ll provide a high-quality solution within program parameters.

Trim & Machining

Machining composites can be a challenge for those inexperienced with the materials. Whether it’s trimming, drilling, or machining, conventional or CNCs, our experienced team will make sure the material is handled correctly for optimal results.

Painting & Coatings

Whether you need standard paint or something special, our team and paint facilities can handle hardware from small to large. We prepare the surface with all the necessary details before priming and applying the coating.  Along with standard coatings, our team is experienced with conductive, electrostatic discharge, rain erosion, and other specialty coatings.


Bonded composite assemblies can result in a structure that is as strong or stronger than a welded metal structure. Whether simple inserts and fittings, a truss structure, or the precision assembly of optical structures, save your team labor cost and floor space by letting Rock West complete the assembly of your hardware.


We offer many forms of testing for hardware requirements such as NDI, structural, CTE, RF, and materials. Integrating testing into your program will ensure successful performance. We are also experienced with strategic test planning and can provide guidance when government qualification is necessary for the final hardware application.

Final Inspection

Quality assurance is critical to our business and our customers. In addition to standard bench inspection procedures, we have high-precision metrology equipment, including laser tracking and a Romer arm, to guarantee tight tolerances have been met to program specifications.


Our business is structured to comply with government contract requirements. We have DCAA approved rates and are certified to AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015.  We also have a robust supply chain, including onsite storage of off-the-shelf components and materials.

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© Rock West Composites, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

© Rock West Composites, Inc. All Rights Reserved.