Benefits Of Ordering Prepreg From Rock West Composites

Rock West has one of the most extensive offerings of prepreg on the market – over 25 material options. Even better, you can purchase by the linear yard – no minimum quantities! Of course, the more you buy, the better the price so feel free to pick up a whole roll.

Since prepregs begin to cure once out of the freezer, our materials can be shipped with dry ice to protect your purchase if you choose it. In fact, we recommend it. If you need further verification that the material wasn’t compromised during the shipping process, we also offer a temperature recorder. If you require certifications, we have supplier-provided Material Certifications and RWC-provided Certificates of Conformance.

We highly recommend expedited shipping, and while we can ship over the weekend, we do not recommend it due to the risk of missed delivery. During the order process you can ask us to hold the shipment until the following business day just to be sure if arrives on a work day.

If you aren’t sure about the best material for your project, we offer sample packs so you can get a variety of 6″ x 6″ swatches. Our materials include:

  • Standard Modulus Carbon Fiber Unidirectional Prepregs
  • Standard Modulus Carbon Fiber Woven Prepregs
  • Intermediate Modulus Carbon Fiber Prepregs
  • High Modulus Carbon Fiber Prepregs
  • Fiberglass Prepregs (Uni & Fabric)
  • Other Prepregs & Film Adhesives

So take advantage of all the best prepreg offerings on the market, for your prototypes and other small projects. Buying from RWC is more cost effective due to minimum buys and shelf life. And since we turn over the prepreg at a regular pace for most materials, our materials are current and almost always in stock.

*Please keep in mind that all prepreg sales are final, and we do not refund or accept returns on this product. We do not offer outlive tracking.