Our Top Ten Most Popular Tubes In March

Certain tubes we carry are always quick to go out the door, but as the seasons change, so do the most popular orders. Here is a rundown of our ten most popular tubes for the past month. They include a variety of sizes, styles, features, and price points. You may find that you need some of these yourself!

Tiny Pultruded Carbon Fiber Tubes

Two of our most popular items are very small pultruded unidirectional carbon fiber tubes. These are great choices for those seeking strength, rigidity and affordability. For 78” tubes with prices starting at either $7 for the smaller ID or less than $15 for the larger, they become more affordable the more you buy. But be aware that they may not be appropriate choices if crush resistance or torque transfer is needed.

0.079 X 0.118 X 78″ Pultruded Carbon Fiber Tube: Learn More

0.118 X 0.197 X 78″ Pultruded Carbon Fiber Tube: Learn More

Pultruded Carbon Fiber Tubes

Filament Wound Carbon Fiber Tubes

Three more of our most popular carbon fiber tubes are made with the filament winding process. The very long continuous fibers add to strength and stiffness of these tubes, which are excellent for torsion applications. Our customers can get very long tubes with a unique aesthetic; and since you can buy by the foot, you get as much as you need. Of these popular selections, one is unsanded and two are sanded.

0.75 X 1.05 X 12″+ Filament Wound Carbon Fiber Tube Unsanded: Learn More

1.840 X 2.00 X 12″+ Filament Wound Carbon Fiber Tube Sanded: Learn More

1.00 X 1.125 X 12″+ Filament Wound Carbon Fiber Tube Sanded: Learn More

Filament Wound Carbon Fiber Tubes - Unsanded, Sanded

Hexagonal Shaped Tube

Shaped carbon fiber tubing offers a lot of interesting benefits and is easy to machine. Our most popular shaped cross-section or profile right now is hexagonal and offers fabricators and designers alike the ease of affixing motors, accessories and machined features since there is always a flat surface with which to work.

1.00 X 1.110 X 66″ Hexagonal Fabric Carbon Fiber Tubing: Learn More

Hexagonal Carbon Fiber Tubing

Spread Tow Fabric Tubing

Our checkerboard look is a winner! These tubes have higher stiffness and strength over standard modulus carbon fiber while offering a unique aesthetic. They are built with a strong core of unidirectional material at different angles and a sleek fabric surface layer. People like the style and the properties of this popular tubing option.

1.375 X 1.525 X 96″ Spread Tow Intermediate Modulus Carbon Tubing: Learn More

Spread Tow Intermediate Modulus Carbon Fiber Tubing

Fabric Wrapped Tubes

Standard fabric wrapped carbon fiber tubes are always a good choice. These three different popular options are different sizes but are all covered in a 2×2 twill pattern with a gloss finish. One is our in-house premium tubing for those with rigid engineering requirements and the other two are more economical options.

Our Rock West Composites tubes are manufactured in AS9100 certified facilities with guaranteed layups and quality materials. The core of this tube is comprised of multi-directional “uni” plies that make these tubes ideal for bending and compression applications. The fabric finish provides an ideal machining surface that will prevent fiber breakout better than unidirectional material. Looking for a 1” tube for your demanding application? Here it is!

0.938 X 1.008 X 60″ RWC Carbon Fiber Fabric Tubing: Learn More

Rock West Composites Carbon Fiber Fabric Tubing

To meet market demand, Rock West Composites also sells economy tubes and plates. These products provide a lower bar for entry for customers looking to incorporate carbon fiber and other composites into their projects. This line of tubing is sourced internationally and is best utilized in applications that do not have engineering critical features. But they do have the convenience of shipping from our Utah operation for expedient delivery. These are two best sellers.

0.25 X 0.378 X 60″ Economy Carbon Fiber Fabric Tubing: Learn More

0.625 X 0.757 X 72″ Economy Carbon Fiber Fabric Tubing: Learn More

Economy Carbon Fiber Fabric Tubing

With thousands of tubes to choose from and custom options available too, we hope that this list may help you narrow down your choices. And if you are still having trouble deciding, our customer service and engineering support team are here and available to help.