Highlighting Entries From Our Quaranvent Design Competition #2

Welcome to our second post highlighting entries from our recent Quaranvent Design Competition. From fitness solutions to artful decor, you’ll find creativity in these innovative submissions.

Kyle Hawkins, a recent graduate, entered his Hollow Beam Longboard. His goal was to make a skateboard that would “actually put up with carrying around with you after arriving at your destination area (town/city riding) as well as take to your favorite high speed hill without a second thought.” Check out this great video on his project.


Perry Benson submitted a design for a foldable, compact, lightweight gym made from our tubes and CARBONNect. It was designed to help people maintain physical (and emotional) fitness during quarantine while their gyms are not accessible. The structure supports elastic bands at multiple points enabling a wide variety of exercises. Check this out!

Allan Abbott, MD, points out that no one has yet invented a practical human-powered device or vehicle that helps able-bodied humans run better. But he’s working on it! He’s designed running poles with the intent of using the strength of the arms to help reduce the impact of running and walking on the lower body. Dr. Abbott actively uses his design for his own runs and has gone through several iterations. If it’s hard to envision how these work, he has a video that shows a version of the running sticks in action.


In one of our artistic entries, Daniel Segraves envisioned an algorithmically produced semi-custom series of shelving structures for the high-end contemporary collectible design market. Inspired by organic forms, this design makes good use of carbon fiber to support shelf loads. Here’s the Antipatharia Shelf System.

Thanks again to everyone who entered our contest! We’ll have more highlights soon.