Settling Into Our New HQ And Expanding Our Reach

We have been in a flurry of activity in San Diego as we refit our new headquarters to enhance our business operations, including some exciting expansion.

Knocking Down Walls

Our building didn’t have doors big enough for our manufacturing equipment to come into the building. Nor were they big enough to get out some of the larger hardware we’ve built for our customers. So we had to create some new ones! A 16’ x 16’ opening allowed us to move into the warehouse and will help us get large hardware to our customers. Some new 12’ x 12’ doors compliment building access.

16' x 16' Door for Warehouse Access

The Big Booths

Our new spray booth encapsulates 20’ x 27’ x 10’, shown below on the left. Directly next to it in the center is our expanded grinding booth at 25’ x 23’ x 10 ft. To the right, some of our team is in the spray booth to give a better idea of scale. All of this means we can work on larger hardware more efficiently.

Spray Booth and Grinding Booth

More Flexible, Robust and Cleaner Operations

All the columns in the warehouse have been outfitted with electrical drops and vacuum lines, enabling rapid shifts in work cells to accommodate changing program requirements. The building also has built in redundancies to protect against power outages and equipment failure.

We not only have more levels of clean room capability to accommodate program requirements in the building, but our concrete floors are polished to help maintain cleanliness throughout the facility. Our machine shop is in a climate-controlled room with wet and dry areas segregated. Our new dust collection system helps reduce contaminants to a minimum. And to keep the noise of all the vacuum and compressions systems quieter for our staff, they are located outside the building in their own housing. We have dedicated people to keeping the shop clean and cleaning stations that comply with our 5S program.

Large, Clean Manufacturing Space

Keeping Our Staff Growing Too

We’ve got a new training room in the works. We know that a trained workforce is critical to our success and having a dedicated space to engage in this activity will help us work towards goals. Our plan to get this room wired for the connectivity we need is in process.

New Training Room

We have built out multiple conference rooms and office areas because we’ve been growing fast over the years and need room for growth. We are excited to see how fast we can grow our business to fill this building to capacity!