Can’t Find the Tube You Need? Build It!

We carry one of the widest selection of tubes available anywhere, with options of varying sizes, materials, properties, and shapes. Even with this incredible variety, we know our selection of off-the-shelf tubing is more limited for large diameter tubes. So we offer a service to cover this spectrum of products – you can Build Your Own Tube!

We have an online tube builder for larger diameter options. You may have seen this before on our website, but we have made some recent improvements. This calculator allows you to order filament wound tubes to your specifications for sizes ranging from 0.999” to 21.532” in diameter and up to 29 feet long. We have 42 mandrels to choose from and in the future, we may add more!

Large diameter custom composite tubes
Large diameter custom composite tubes

Do you have specific structural requirements? You can choose a winding and lay up technique that optimizes your tube for lateral strength, torque, or internal pressure.

Do you have temperature-related operational needs?  These tubes can be created for either standard temperature ranges (223°F max) or for high temperature resistance (up to 400°F).

What material will support your end-use application? Our tubes can be wound with fiberglass or intermediate carbon fiber; it’s your choice!

What’s new? Because the tubes are wound on a full mandrel and then cut to the length desired, we can maximize material efficiencies, creating cost savings that we pass on to you. Given a desired length, the tool will calculate the optimal number of tubes to create the best price per tube.

Even better, the finished parts take about 2 weeks to complete and ship. So if you want a larger tube and can’t find the specifications you want, build it!