Pre-assembled Telescoping Tubing for the Win!

Telescoping tubing has so many practical uses and can be used in everything from window washers to selfie sticks. But sometimes you can’t find the right length you need for your purposes. While building your own set can get you exactly what you want (and we are happy to provide all the supplies you need to do it), the process can be time consuming to design and assemble the structure. We have a great solution for you! We now offer fully assembled telescoping tubing from two of our lines: INFINITubeV and INFINITubeUL.

Our INFINITubeV Telescoping Tubes provide the perfect balance of strength and lightweight design. This product utilizes our standard modulus tubes, with a classic carbon fiber twill weave strength and esthetic. Engineered for seamless extension and retraction, these tubes offer unmatched versatility for a range of applications, providing exceptional strength without the added weight of heavier material. For this line, you can choose between our compression ring twist clamps or our new proprietary Flip and Twist locking clamps (more details below!).

Our Ultralight Telescoping Tubes utilize standard modulus unidirectional tubes and provide the strongest strength to weight ratio of our telescoping tube options. This set provides the same seamless extension and retraction, versatility and strength. This is just much lighter. This model utilizes compression ring twist clamps.

Both of these lines have medium, long, and extra-long options with 3, 4 or 5 segments respectively. The collapsed and extended length depend on the line since each line has different tube lengths. For details, review the specifications on the individual product pages.


Compression ring twist clamps (left) and our flip and twist locking clamps (right)
Compression ring twist clamps (left) and our flip and twist locking clamps (right)

NEW Flip and Twist Locking Clamps

These flip and twist locking clamps are made specifically to work with our INFINITubeV Telescoping Tubes, and they are faster to lock and release than our compression ring twist clamps. They are manufactured with PA12GB 40% glass filled & blacked nylon, meaning it is has high stiffness and temperature resistance. If you are building your own telescoping tube set, these clamps can be secured to the base (larger) tube in the assembly with a cyanoacrylate adhesive or the supplied screw (for dis-assembly). But why build your own when you can buy it assembled already?