The Composites Community

We are proud to sponsor a new composites forum, the Composites Community. It’s a place to find people interested in composites and talk with experts in the field. You can ask our team and other members of our community about products, technical questions and almost anything related to composites.

It’s easy to register! Go to the Composites Community website and click on the Sign Up button in top right corner. You just need your display name, email and password. Then fill out your profile.

We’ve got videos and experts to answer tough questions. For example, community user Mark had a bike repair he was working on and needed some process information. John Kimball, one of our technical experts helped him evaluate the damage and then let him know what process to follow depending on the amount of delamination that occurred. 

Our community is new and will be growing fast. We want to invite you to the neighborhood so you can be a part of that growth and interact with people who love composites as much as you do!