We Now Support The Bike Industry With More Carbon Fiber Tubes

Carbon fiber tubing has been a mainstay of our business since Rock West Composites was first established. Likewise, many of our biggest customers in the tubing department are custom bicycle makers. It is with that in mind that we recently expanded our inventory of carbon fiber tubes and bicycle frame elements in support of building better bikes for consumers.

In recent weeks we have tripled our inventory of bicycle frame products, including:

  • head and seat tubes
  • steerer tubes and seat posts
  • top and down tubes
  • chain and seat stays
  • bottom bracket shells.

Our goal is to be the one-stop destination for bike builders in search of the parts they need to do what they do. In addition to carbon fiber tubes, we also offer resins, bonding agents, fabrics, and prepregs.

Building with Carbon Fiber

As a leader in carbon fiber products, we firmly believe in building handmade bikes on a foundation of carbon fiber tubing. While carbon fiber is more expensive than aluminum, the price point is justified when you consider what this material brings to the table.

Builders choosing carbon fiber are getting a material that offers exceptional strength and lower weight. Carbon fiber is heat resistant and not susceptible to rust. It also offers a very stable ride, which is especially important for mountain bikers who rely on stability to maintain control.

Supporting Bike Riders

Our decision to support the custom bike industry with more carbon fiber products goes beyond just selling to our own customers. Our decision is also one of supporting bike riders themselves. In the modern era, bikes are more than just a form of transportation. To many riders, bikes represent a lifestyle.

Riding a bike is great exercise. In a world that is largely sedentary, all of us could stand a bit more activity. The cycling community encourages bike riding as a casual exercise that just about anyone can do several times a week. We support that idea. If our carbon fiber tubes lead to better bikes being built for more riders, then we are making a difference.

Above and beyond exercise is reducing pollution by riding instead of driving. Imagine most of the residents of American cities leaving their cars at home and commuting to work on their bikes. Imagine consumers taking their bikes on quick trips to the store rather than driving just to pick up a gallon of milk or loaf of bread.

To make all of this happen, the bike-building industry needs access to materials that are strong, reliable, and lightweight. Carbon fiber fits the bill. Carbon fiber tubing is several times stronger and more rigid than aluminum. It is several times lighter as well. It is just what bike makers need to build the bikes that people want.

We Are Here to Help

Here at Rock West Composites we are here to help our clients as much a sell them composite materials. If you are in the bike industry and new to carbon fiber tubes, we would be more than happy to help you figure out how they can be best used to build better bikes. We are here to answer all of your questions regarding the best products to use and how to use them.

We also offer rapid prototyping services. We can help you design and build a prototype of your next bike. We can even help you design the production processes you will need to manufacture in large quantities. To us, it is all about supporting bike builders so they can better serve their customers.