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Radiation Detection Carbon Fiber Sensor Enclosure


Defense. Law Enforce. Encasement for radiation detection sensors. 


Our customer was seeking a lightweight carbon fiber solution in the shape of a trapezoid to encapsulate their radiation detection sensors. Their modular system works as multiple units in the back of a van, as well as a single unit that fits into a backpack. 


Rock West produced a custom carbon fiber/epoxy enclosure tooled to the inner diameter to ensure tight tolerance, consistent placement of the internal components. Rock West employed some proprietary processing techniques to keep the trapezoidal walls well consolidated and as straight as possible. The resulting enclosure was one-half the weight of the initial aluminum prototypes, enabling much easier mobility of the system. The radiation detection system interfaces with an iPad and can be used by police and border patrol personnel to detect radiation within a wide radius from the unit.

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© Rock West Composites, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

© Rock West Composites, Inc. All Rights Reserved.