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Build To Spec Airborne Avionics Workstation


Aerospace. Multi-monitor workstation with a folding table leaf. 


This customer asked Rock West to assist with the design and manufacture of a lightweight multi-monitor workstation with a folding table leaf. This technical aerospace program required tight tolerances and material certifications.


Rock West came up with an innovative solution utilizing our high quality, off-the-shelf products. It incorporated our carbon fiber tubing with custom CARBONNect™ connectors and fittings. This enabled a high-tech, mechanically assembled workstation at an affordable price. The lightweight system is comprised of 100% aerospace-grade hardware with certifications. The customized CARBONNect fittings were produced using an exceptionally strong alloy aluminum and 100% helical inserts.

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© Rock West Composites, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

© Rock West Composites, Inc. All Rights Reserved.