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Radar System Ku-band Radome Cover


Defense. Ku-band radome cover for Numerica’s Spyglass radar system.

Previous Limiting Technology

The customer needed tailored composite solutions to meet their performance objectives.


The initial design did not meet defined parameters, so design modifications were needed quickly. The customer required the radome cover to be structural, since it is on the exterior of the system, and to operate within specific bandwidths. While weight and thickness were considerations, the cost and speed of delivery were significant driving factors. The component also needed to be machined, finished, and painted with a MIL-SPEC coating. A percentage of the order required assembly with additional gaskets/inserts.


RWC worked in close collaboration with the customer, from the initial concept to the full production run. We went through multiple design iterations to achieve the RF performance and manufacturability. Several prototypes of various degrees of complexity and cost were created and performance tested before the final design was reached. The panel was manufactured with E-glass and foam core. RWC used in-house machining, finishing, painting, and assembly capabilities to keep schedule short and low risk. Over 300 units have been delivered.

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© Rock West Composites, Inc. All Rights Reserved.